Anna Lively

A Lively Voice:

Comedy, Rhythm and Mews

A voice that can wear as many hats as she has cats.


Always spirited, Anna Lively’s voice easily reaches sarcastic and over-the-top heights, with an old Hollywood luxury feel and an authentic Texas accent (it’s not just Southern!) up her sleeve, ready for use.

As a VO artist, she has a passion for creating characters and a voice that can wear many hats—you can see her as the sorceress, the clever best friend, the crazy old lady, the snobby somebody, all with the depth and nuance of a professionally-trained method actress.

Anna began her career as a singer, receiving abundant critical acclaim from all over the United States. She sings the whole Great American Songbook catalog, but her most popular show is her tribute to the fascinating life and fabulous songs of Doris Day (who she has referred to as her spirit animal). Her singing background shows itself in her VO work in her strong intuitive understanding for the feeling and timing of the copy she articulates.

A dream to collaborate with, Anna takes direction instantly and elegantly. She cares as much about your project as you do (and as much as she does about her many cats), and will work tirelessly to vocally embody your project’s vision. Based out of New York City, Anna works full-time from her professional-grade home studio and provides an efficient, quality turnaround. Book Anna Lively today for a lively voice that imbues comedy, rhythm, and “mews” in your project.

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